Diary of a flower farm. Now is time to plant dahlias and peonies

Long time did not write a little about how they are now our flowers. I would write more about them and many other things. I settle for a third party to do everything I propose, but my in my everyday life I’m always putting things to take care of the most urgent. When the emergency is resolved, new emergencies occur, and I can never sit to do what they have in mind.

Diary of a flower farm. Now is time to plant dahlias and peonies

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The flower farm is the backbone of my project, and if I tell the truth, I’m spending no time. If it were not for my parents to lend a hand me, there would be no flowers, no florals.

When I became interested in planting my flowers, I became planning as I saw in other flower farms I follow, and in all of them, at this time and had a lot of flowers. And now it is time; I still have none.

The primary explanation I see is that I have no greenhouses, I’m letting nature take its course. That’s a positive thing, and that is what I look for from the beginning, back to the origins and grow flowers without a trace of CO2 or chemicals on the planet, but it has a downside, and we are starting the spring and still not have flowers.

How else can do, it can only hope that nature does its work, the flowers they grow without haste and come whenever they want.

Right now I have planted sweet peas, tulips, ranunculus and many another year I planted in autumn, but it touches me start thinking about what I plant them then because now begins the spring is the time to start planting many other flowers.

And I’ll tell you what I planted if I can, but the most important will plant flowers are dahlias and peonies.

I already said that many peonies planted in autumn and ye are many who will animate to plant them too. For months you send me pictures of yours, spread throughout Spain, in which you were already out, and we watched ours without seeing any sign of life, thinking that they would no longer leave. But this weekend, have begun to appear, so I stay much calmer.

Now I’m back to ordering peonies, and I’ll plant some more to see when best to plant them, if now in spring or autumn. When the flowers start out, I’ll tell you.

Another will plant flowers is the dahlia. My idea is to plant them when removing the tulips. They are usually planted while tomatoes, so we still have time. In the garden of my mother for years cultivated dahlias, but there are many types, and I’ll plant I am a little different. They are how are you, the Café Au Lait:

I fell in love with the Café Au Lait, by one of my idols floral, Erin Benzakein of Floret Flowers. Your photos Café Au Lait dahlias flood Pinterest and half the world have fallen in love, and I have not stopped to get a few of them. Café Au Lait dahlias are a type of giant-sized dahlia (Mijares in flower size compared with the head of Erin …), and in addition to the Café Au Lait, I found others with the same shape and size but with different colors, all pastel. As I have always brought a few of more to the little store, because some have already asked me.

You know what I like coincidences? Whenever I tell you, and do not stop things like this always happen to me. One day I will write a book stringing my life by chance on chance.

Well, a couple of years ago I wrote a post about peonies and contacted Susan Flower Farm Blooms Buckeye in Ohio, USA, to let me one of his photos to illustrate the growing peonies post. She was very friendly and all this time we have been following the track Instagram.

A few days ago I happened to contact her again to give me some advice on Dahlias XXL and lend me some picture cultivating this kind of dahlias and what was my surprise when it turned out that she is the one who takes social networks, Floret Flowers. So get ready because soon there will be a surprise here on the blog with Erin. Is not it great? Erin is one of my idols, is one of the people who inspired everything I do now so for me is a big story.

In a few days, I write the chronicle of the first florist shop, floral derangements, we did Saturday, and it was a success. Stay tuned because soon I announce new dates and new godmothers.

Remember that you already have in the little store dahlias bulbs XXL (there are very few) and after Easter, I tell you how to plant them in another post.

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